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AA French Wine Pte Ltd believe that every bottle of prime quality wine should be fun and affordable. There are plenty of places that sell decent wine, but it is our pledge to our customers that our supply of wine are vibrant and flavoursome.

We believe that each bottle of wine has its own story – where it came from, when it was made and the care it received at the vineyard. We work closely with our suppliers to find bottles of wine that has that special taste. We know they are difficult to procure but we have hundreds of them for you to savour, without making you worry about its price. Our customers can be assured that every bottle of wine are stored in a specialised wine storage facility in Singapore where they continue to mature to their full potential.

We live and breathe wine, and we tasted our fair share too. Our dedicated team is led by Nelson Foong and are ever ready to share our knowledge with people and help them experience new wines.

AA French Wine makes unique affordable, so everyone can enjoy it.

Nelson Foong
Founder of frenchwine.com.sg

Nelson developed his passion for fine wines in the 1990s while living in Belgium where he collected French wines from European auctions and wine merchants. He is an accredited sommelier who holds a Master Wine Taster degree from Anacreon, Belgium. Over the years, he has gain valuable experiences as a premium French wine collector and investor.

In 2001, Nelson moved back to Singapore with a deep pool of expertise that he had accumulated during his time in Europe. He now uses his extensive knowledge to source for the best French wines at competitive process so that these liquid indulgences can be made more affordable.

Each bottle of wine on frenchwine.com.sg have been hand-picked from Nelson’s own wine collection.